2013 in review

Photo on 1-4-14 at 12.02 AM #22013 was a year that I learned SO MUCH about myself. Here I am, in my early 30’s and I’m JUST getting it, but you know what!? I thank God anyhow because there are people who never get it. I’ve always spent my life knowing how it is important to be kind to others. I tried to live by ‘do unto others’ (and I still do)…… I have realized though, that I was doing it at my expense. I would put others before me majority the time. I would address the needs of others before I looked after my wants, goals, and even my health. I remember when I had a conversation with someone and told them how I like to go to the museum which was followed by a ‘but I don’t go often’…. then I told them that I like to go to festivals…. but again ‘I don’t go often’…., I have a passion for painting, but I have not done it seriously in years. Then I thought to myself, no wonder I’m often miserable- I’m not doing the things that make me happy!!! I get up spend an hour going to work, usually work way over my 9 hrs, come home get in bed way past my bedtime and repeat the next day. I have not been LIVING!!!

I didn’t start seeing this, and how it was detrimental to me until after a breakup from a pretty crappy relationship. It was then, that I started slowly but surly taking care of me. I learned that it is ok to be a little selfish. Taking care of me first allows me to be a better person to others. My life just got shaken up a little, but in a good way. 2014 will be about me trying to step outside of my comfort zone…. exploring my interests and trying to meet new positive, like minded people. Follow me on my journey!!!!!


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