What makes me happy

Everyone has hobbies and activities that they enjoy doing that allows them to unwind and just have fun. Other hobbies are things that we are passionate about that might not necessarily be relaxing but give you an adrenaline rush and reminds you that you are alive. Here are my hobbies and passions that I will delve into more later individually:

Art and Crafts


I’ve loved art from a very early age. My mother, who is a teacher, is an artist in her own right. She would always create her own graphics for her classrooms and her large scale artwork would be featured as backdrops for special assembly programs and ceremonies.  I love to create things, it gives me the chance to just let go. I am self taught and just paint my copying what I see in photographs. I never really tried to do still life, that is a goal if mine for the future. Bob Ross was the man growing up!!! I have not really painted in a long time because I would kind of get obsessed with it and one I started, I couldn’t stop. I even sold a few pieces when I was young. As I work to have more free time, I plan to paint again. I dedicated a room in my house to be a creative space. Heck, I might even start today!

I also love going to museums because I love to look at the brush strokes to see how artists create their masterpieces with their brushes and medium of choice. Hand crafted items, particularly ethnic ones, are favorites of mine. My heart broke when Target got rid of their global bazaar. That was me 110%!!!!

*picture is of a painting I did in 2002 for my aunt, I have not painted much since



Considering my upbringing, one might be surprised that I have come to love fashion so much. I didn’t really care much about it until my very late teens. You see, I grew up modestly and we did not have the $$ to care about designer this and designer that. I remember in middle school and we had a quiz on occupations and I got the answer wrong on who Calvin Klein was because I never heard of him before!!! I told my teacher I didn’t think it was fair and she laughed at me because ‘everyone knows who Calvin Klein is’!!!!!! Sorry but at the time only Kmart was on our family’s radar haha. I wouldn’t consider myself a label/designer whore but a lover of fine craftsmanship. Fashion is really an extension of art so in that way, it makes sense.

I volunteer for a great plus size fashion group here in Baltimore, MD and it’s been such  a rewarding experience. I’ve learned so much and it’s great to see your hard work pay off when you’re building something from the ground up. I’ll share more about it later.

*picture is from the Project Runway Allstars Season 2 Premiere Viewing Party in NYC (right before Sandy hit)

Green/ Sustainable Living 

What better way to express one’s creativity than by using technology and innovation to make the world a better place!? Living walls, solar energy, wind turbines, net zero homes….. the list goes on and on!!!!  Sure things under this category might be expensive now but it will eventually get to the point where the cost of doing things as we have been will reach the point where it only ‘makes sense’ to switch over  due to the costs associated with them (i.e. pollution cleanup etc)….. that’s just simple economics. If I had a chance to do college over, I would definitely do environmental architecture  or city and regional planning with an emphasis on sustainability. Until then, I want to learn as much as I can independently and perhaps find some cool interest groups to volunteer with.



Whoa, another art form…. I’m seeing a trend here!!! I used to dance as a child… I did ballet, tap, jazz, modern, praise dance, and a bit of African. Sometimes I wish I stuck with dance but I let my shyness get the best of me. I was always the only black girl and they always stuck me in the front…. not to mention that all they girls were at least 3 years older than me (which doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re older but when you’re looking at elementary v. middle school it seems like lightyears apart) haha! I  just treated myself to the Nutcracker for my birthday because it was something I’ve been wanting to do for FOREVER!!! The next ballet that I would love to see is Swan Lake. I’m also a big fan of Alvin Ailey and would love to check them out as well.

*picture is from my days as a ballerina when i was about 11


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