Culture and Design

I saw these earrings by Maroon Dawta sometime last year and I put it on my ‘to purchase’ list. The person depicted on the earrings is Nanny of the Maroons, one of Jamaica’s National Heroes. Not only is it great to have a woman as a national hero, but to know that you come from a line of a strong people….. That’s just icing on the cake! Jamaica an island that has a variety of races present, the motto is Out of Many, One People. You have those of African descent who make up the majority as well as those of German, Lebanese, Jewish, Indian, and Chinese descent. On my mother ‘s maternal and paternal side, we come from the Maroons (there was also Chinese on her side and Scottish on my Dad’s side). The maroons are of African descent some were slaves who ran away to the mountains and were able to rule themselves while others were enslaved. They were fierce warriors and were a force to be reckoned with. I hope the designer reopens her shop, I won’t hesitate again.



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