Naughty or Nice Part II

So this is an update to my post from yesterday’s Naughty or Nice Party I 


I joined several Meetup groups so that I can expand my social circle while pursing my interests. A lot of my close friends have conflicting schedules, are parents, etc (comes with the territory of being in your early 30’s). I believe meeting my gf was fate because one of the biggest reasons why I decided to go to the meetup event where we met was because there was a handsome hunk of a man who rsvp’d to go. I just wanted to see that sexiness up close haha. He reminded me of Channing Tatum and for those who know me, know how deep my love/lust for him runs. I go on the boat ride with a high school friend of mine and guess who just so happens to sit at the table behind me!? Yup you guessed it, the handsome hunk of a man!!! Then I realize hunky hunk of burning love isn’t alone, he has a date. *insert sad face* Next thing I know, his date starts chatting me up, we ended up sharing loads of laughs and we exchanged #s. She was new to the area and invited up to her upcoming birthday party. I went to her birthday party a few weeks later where I was introduced to her diverse group of friends. Not was the group racially and ethically diverse, but ages ranged from early 20’s to early 40’s, and professions were also all over the board as well. It didn’t take long for me to feel at ease. I met with the ladies again for a Asian themed Thanksgiving Pot Luck and it was amazing!!! We lit Japanese lanterns at the end of the night and made wishes as they floated to the sky.

The Look:

ImageSo for my look I decided to go as naughty because I’m normally ‘nice’. I decided to make use of an old poor purchasing decision for my outfit. The dress is by BCBG which I’ve worn in the past. Some of their styles are very forgiving for the curvy figure. I tried the dress on in the store with a regular bra on. BIG mistake. I never realized how the dress really looked until I got home and tried it on with a plunge bra. I just ended up spending $100 (on sale) on a dress that i really couldn’t wear out in public. BCBG outlets unfortunately don’t allow for returns or exchanges. I was way too exposed and if you go out in public dressed like that, you have to expect unwanted attention from it. Lesson learned was to try on clothes with the undergarments you intend on wearing with it. This also works with whether or not your body shapers will hold you enough if you want to ensure a smooth look.

For my makeup I just used NARS tinted moisturizer (Christmas gift from my bff) which I’m in love with, red Laura Mercier lipstick that came in my goody bag from the Project Runway Allstars Premiere Party, gold shadow, a little blush, liner, and mascara. To keep with the alter ego theme, I decided to wear a wig. I’ve only worn a wig once before and I knew I wanted a style with a bang. I have a low hairline and other wigs leave my baby hairs (yes I still have them lol) exposed. Another reason why I liked this wig is because it’s similar to my real hair (apart from the bangs).

The gift:

ImageImageWe had a budget of $25 for our gift exchange. My gf was the only one I knew on a personal level so that made it even more challenging for me. I went to Marshall’s and pieced up this bag that had Naughty on one side and Nice on the other. It was perfect! It was also great that it was on clearance with an extra 50% due to it being past season. It ended up costing $2. I decided to pick up a Reed Diffuser by Tahari for $9.99 because that’s a nice brand and the packaging was pretty. I also picked up a pretty potpourri wire ornament in the shape of an acorn from The Avenue on clearance for $1. To finish the bag I picked up some naughty items from the appropriate store but I can’t tell you what those items are. I’ll just tell you that she was happy!

The Party:

ImageThe party was crazy fun and after the party was the after party and I didn’t get back to my gf’s place until after 4am!!! I can’t do this often because I’m not as young as I used to be and later that morning I felt like I ran a marathon lol. I picked out a really lovely gift that is so met it’s not even funny. It even fits in perfectly with my existing decor.2 I can’t really discuss much of the party itself because it’s too hot for wordpress haha…. the food was good though!!! For the after party  went to Opera in DC. I brought a change of clothes and wore a Qristyl Frasier (same designer and former Project Runway contestant that designed the yellow dress in my Favorite Frocks of 2013 post) dress with cocgac flat boots by Steve Madden that I got from Marshall’s years ago. I took the wig off because I knew it would be too hot for the club and just dabbed a little bronze eyeshadow on top of the gold. It was really nice and one of my gf’s buddies let us in VIP style and bottles were poppin’ all night long. It was definitely a night I won’t ever forget!!! 



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