My Fitsperation: Anowa Adjah

Meet Anowa Adjah, she changed my view about what healthy looks like. You see Anowa is built more like how I am naturally (kind of a natural athletic tone). She is what old school Jamaicans call ‘healthy’. She’s 5’11 and 200+ lbs. SAY WHAT!? *Gasp* yup that wasn’t a typo and she can run laps around many. Don’t let the number fool you. This is a prime example of how actions speak louder than words… errr numbers. We get so caught up on numbers that we downplay our achievements. Some of us let our numbers prevent us from DOING!!! I’m forever grateful for coming across her. The first set of pictures are of her before she had her twins and the last is after. She’s been very transparent about her post baby weight loss journey and she works to help men and women be powerhouses!!! Check out her videos:

My favorite video is here, especially at 2:50… that takes some serious core strength!!






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