TGIF!!! Casual Style Edition

Hey all!! So happy it’s FRIDAY!! I’m about to pop into the office for an hour or two so I wanted to look presentable. It’s a nice sunny day out so why not wear a beautiful color!? My fav color is turquoise and it always puts an extra cheesy smile on my face. I have a tendency of dressing up a lot so I’m always looking for simple casual tops. I’m trying to wear my prints more in my accessories than the main clothing articles themselves. I got this top for less than $5(see haul pics below). I also love that it has a high neckline so it’s modest. I got the scarf for ‘free’ when I spent over $40 (unintentional) at Laila Rowe when they had 70% of clearance on their jewelry!!!! Also happy that my hair is still holding up from my flat iron. Hopefully I can wear it straight into next week and rock braid outs for the 3rd week. Ok this post is all over the place but hey- IT’S FRIDAY!!!!








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