Best in Show: 2/28/2014

I like go to the mall and look at all the pretty things… Including the sales signs. 60% off or more just makes me tingle throughout my body!! Eh hem, anyway…. I don’t need to be shopping but I still like to look and as I walk around the mall, I have quiet time… I reflect about the happenings of the week, make plans for the near future… The whole process is quite therapeutic. I decided that I’m going to highlight the best pieces that I see during my excursions. Size etc does not matter because pretty is pretty! I walked around Macys, Lord and Taylor, and Nordstrom. For this post I am featuring this French Connection dress as my first Best in Show!! I saw this dress amongst the clearance rack in Lord and Taylor in Columbia Mall. I apologize for being to lazy to scan it and check the price. I won’t make that mistake again. It’s so dainty and feminine. I can see someone wearing this number with understated hair and fresh-face makeup (perhaps with ever so slight shimmer in the eyeshadow) and a rosy cheek.






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