The Dressing Room Diaries: Forever 21+ Review/Mini Swimwear Rant

On my way back to my car from an event, I stopped at Forever 21 at the Gallery because they had a sign outside saying they now had plus sizes. I was eager to see if they had swimwear, as I saw a blogger on IG post some of their swimsuits. SOOOOOOOO, I was disappointed when they only had a strapless one piece and halter top bikinis. If you remember my previous posts Swimwear Rant and Review: Too Much of a Good Thing, My Cup Runneth Over….Literally and Show Some Support: Swimwear Rant Part II, then you know that I am not a fan of halter tops because I’m very busty…. 40I to be exact (I not L…. please don’t wish that upon me). Halters end up hurting my neck like the dickens and they don’t give proper support. I decided to try it on anyway because it was very affordable.

I tried on this number because of the tropical vibe and I wish I was in Jamaica right now. Image    

Ive seen the high waisted look on some of my other beautiful curvy sisters and loved it on them but I feel like it’s no bueno for me. The floral print probably doesn’t help either but I felt that that would be better on the bottom so that I could distract from my top (as if that was really possible). The bottoms are 1x and the top is 3x (the largest they make). The back of the top is just a band that isn’t adjustable… that part was too big and of course the part for the boobs was too small. I wouldn’t dare do a ‘Baywatch’ run for fear of being fined…. I would probably also give myself a mild concussion. Even though it didn’t work for me, I am positive it would work for my pear shaped luvies who I envy with your smaller proportioned waists. I didn’t dare take of picture of the strapless number because that was an epic fail! The material of the swimwear was pretty decent considering the price point as well. If you’re interested in this, find it here and here for the bottom. Note how you don’t see a huge cleavage line on the model like you do on me. That means it fits her properly!! 



I will probably get another bikini top from Fantasie for this summer. I purchased the Tahiti bikini top below for a trip to Jamaica some years back and never got to wear it!! ~$60+ and a few cup sizes later… it is no longer my size but it still looks and feels better to me than the Forever 21 bikini top but hey- at ~$50  more- it should right!? It offers proper support because of the bra style and underwire, and I like how my boobs are separated in it as well. I’m confident that securing my current size will be my best option for summer swimwear.



Now on to the next outfit. I really liked this one. I tried the top on in a 2x but will probably get a 3x if I ever actually purchase it. I would rather pair it with a skirt than shorts, preferably a skater skirt or possibly even a maxi……



When I saw this red dress online, I loved it immediately. I loved it a little less in person but again, for the price point… it’s not bad at all. I’d probably purchase if it goes on sale. 



Till next time!!! xoxoxoxo


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