Hair is LAID honey!!!! New salon!!!

Tried a new salon yesterday, Dominican Beauty Center on Washington Blvd. The stylist was scissor happy (wouldn’t get a trim from her ever) BUT she is a BEAST with the round brush and dryer!! She didn’t use as much heat as the other Dominican salons used but it was still a little higher than normal salons. I didn’t think I was on my way to hades while she was blowing my hair lol. She got my hair so straight with just the dryer it made no sense!!! She used one pass of the flat iron to only feather my hair more at the very ends!!! I was charged $45. I have to see if they are good at other styles because I don’t want to use the dryer that much. This will be the last time until the fall/winter. Im going to the fashion awards MD today so I wanted to get it done. I have another surprise I’m getting ready for that I’ll share with you guys later. Hope you like!!





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