Undercover Sears Shopper shhhh

Sooo I had to walk through Sears after I had a lunch meeting during the week at Starbucks. I have not shopped at Sears on a regular basis since high school which was over 14 years ago!!! The Sears brand has struggled over the years just as JC Penny had but Pennies to me has done a better job and rebranding themselves. As I walked my associate out to where he parked, I noticed a rack of clothes that said $4.99 an $7.99. On the way back I had to look through the racks. I picked up two basic tops and for that price, I couldn’t go wrong. These are what I call ‘filler tops’. They are not stand alone statement pieces but if paired with the right items, can make a really cute outfit!! I then noticed the 80% off jewelry rack and picked out two earrings and a statement necklace. I live hauls like these because they satisfy my love of shopping with ought breaking my wallet. Until the next one!!!






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