It’s Count Your Blessings Friday!! OOTD

Today was quite a day! I started off my Friday by being the last person hit in a 5 car accident. The Lord was with me because I was not hurt and my car didn’t sustain any damage. I saw the car coming through my rear view and was able up brace myself and immediately slam on my breaks so that I didn’t hit the car in front of me. After I was given the ok by the police officer, I continued on my way to work. I had my mid year review and it went very well.i got some excellent feedback from my locations and it’s always a blessing to know that your hard work is being recognized. I later went with some coworkers during lunch to celebrate one of my fav coworkers 30th yr anniversary of being a federal employee. I love her because she’s a spit-fire!!! She’s Italian, in her early 50’s, is curvy, and she dresses her tail off!!! She speaks her mind so you’ll always be in for a good laugh!!! Italians remind me of Jamaicans…. very passionate and expressive about their feelings. *************************************************On to what I wore. I had on a scoop neck top from Old Navy, a plus size Calvin Klein jacket that I got from My fav Macy’s in Pentagon City Fashion Center for $11 years ago, torrid jeans, and shoes from Marshall’s. I wore my half wig with my leave out side parted. My flower represents my longing for warmer weather! Earrings from Aldos!!! Enjoy!!





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