Baltimore Spa Week: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

20140426-105012.jpg I took advantage of Baltimore Spa Week and I chose to book an appointment at the Red Door Spa in Cross Keys. The reason for this choice was twofold: #1 reputation- I’ve heard nothing but good things about this spa #2 location- it’s in a nice part of the city but parking is what won me over. I didn’t want to go to my spa treatment extra stressed from trying to find parking downtown. I decided to have the Spa Week Stress Melter Body Treatment. The treatment consists of olive oil softening scrub with aroma therapy, body wrap, and light massage. The normal treatment costs $235. I arrived and went up to the counter and was greeted my friendly service and had to fill out a waiver prior to being ushered into the changing room. From there I went to the relaxation room and waited for my masseuse to meet me. There were two already there waiting for for their clients and one was a very attractive, muscular young man. I hoped that this hunk’s name was Amanda (who’s name was written on my appointment release form) but of course it was not haha. Amanda finally came out and in a soft voice ushered me into a private room. I was able to pick out one of two light scents and she left the room and let me undress and get under the towel. She placed a warm towel under my head and a cold compress over my eyes. First was the scrub, then the oil. It was interesting that instead of having me flip over on my back, she had me sit up instead. My favorite part was when she did my feet…. I did indeed melt. When it was done she left me with some extra oil to use in my nether regions and the gloves that she used on me for the scrub. All in all I love it and I encourage everyone to treat themselves occasionally. I also strongly suggest using deals like this or throw on living social and groupon so that you can access if your believe that it’s worth the full price.





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