Here comes Sevendust












20140505-150306.jpg. So Sevendust came to town May 3rd and it was so good that I saw them again the next night in DC. Tickets are relatively inexpensive and you can opt for VIP in order to be able to meet band members and take a picture with them. I went to their last show in Baltimore last year with my brother. The lead singer, Lajon, is one of my brother’s biggest musical influences. I got to see the guys again backstage and they are all so down to earth despite their fame and God given talent. These are guys you want to support. I also love them because they are family men and always talk about their families which is really sweet. Please check out their latest which is an acoustic album Time Travelers and Bonfires so it can be enjoyed by those that are not into Metal. My fav songs are Come Down, and Gone. Also, who doesn’t love Angel’s Son…. Hearing it live is a spiritual experience. Until next time!! Xoxoxo


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