Royale Flat Iron Review


So I was at the mall and passed by one of the many kiosks and was solicited by the guy at the Royale Flat Iron stand. I have to admit that I was curious about how well the product worked so I took a seat and let him try it out on some parts of my hair. First Thoughts: I must admit that I was impressed. I was wearing my hair in a big frizzy (due to the weather) braid out. He did some strands straight, and others with a spiral curl. He then told me that he would give me a great ‘discount’ on the product. Here is where it gets interesting……. Price: I decided to purchase the set that came with the regular size flat iron and the mini iron and two clips. The box said that it was a whopping $400 and he said he’d give it to me for more than 50% off. The more that we chatted, it turns out that he remembered me when I used to work at my previous employment and he knows my dad. He ended up changing me $119 with tax and threw in shine spray, comb chaser, and protective mat for the flat iron. Final Thoughts: After I made my purchase, I went to google to find out more about the flat iron. I found out that it can be purchase on amazon for MUCH cheaper but I also read that some people thought it was a knock off in the reviews. Some people also thought that it didn’t work as well as the one at the mall. I went and did my whole head and even managed to figure out how to twirl my ends as well. I think this worked really well in my hair and in the long run don’t regret my purchase. It works a lot better than the other expensive popular flat iron that I have at home. I even used the smaller flat iron that I have when I went on a weekend trip and that worked well but definitely isn’t a substitute for the regular sized flat iron. The website for the company is What’s your favorite flat iron brand?






One thought on “Royale Flat Iron Review

  1. When I did use heat on my hair, I used the Cortex Flat Irons from TJmaxx. I got one big one and one mini one for 35dollars. Best purchase ever!!

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