Weekend Style: A little Blue

Blue is my fav color so I wore it throughout the weekend. Friday night I had ladies night at an eclectic lounge called Red Maple. I was at work later than planned so I didn’t have time to do anything special to my hair so I just wore it to the side and smoothed my sides down with water and a little ecostyler gel. I’ve been wanting to wear my bargain find from Target for a while now and this was just the night for it. If you want to find out how much it cost, just scroll below!! I finally got my copy of Nine Years Under by my old classmate On Saturday I went into the office to work OT and I decided to dress up to help brighten my mood. Sorry no full body picture of this top and skirt that I got from Target but trust me, I’ll wear it again!!! Sunday I hung out with a friend of mine so I decided to wear something casual but cute. I wore another blue top from Target (yes I have more than one, a scoop neck and a v neck lol) with bright orange shorts that I got from the Loft outlet in Florida. These are size 18. I wore a orange flower necklace and blue and orange bracelet both from Forever 21. It was a great weekend overall and the weather was perfect! I also included some cute handbags I came across in on of the boutiques we ventured into yesterday. Enjoy!!











3 thoughts on “Weekend Style: A little Blue

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