SNAPSHOT: Bday Celebration

I met up with some high school friends to celebrate a birthday. I’ve known some of these ladies for almost 20 years!!! WOW!!! I wore a old summer dress by American Rag in plus size that I purchased from Macy’s with Cole Haan kitten heel sandals and my Miu Miu handbag. I was so busy having fun that I didn’t get a picture of my whole outfit. I wore my hair in a braid and curl from the same blowout that I did on the 4th of July (short recap coming soon). One shocking thing was that I wore the dress with a strapless bra!!! I have not worn one since college and then that time junior year where my bra literally flipped forward on me!!! This one is a H cup from Lane Bryant and is actually small but with the dress you can’t see the spillage and the dress has a tight band under the bust which made me confident that I wouldn’t have any mishaps. Those puppies weren’t going anywhere!!!.




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