Endless Summer: NYC, Prints, and Some Good ‘Ole Soca and Reggae

photo 2-2


I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love prints!!! I went to Brooklyn the weekend of August 2nd to see my college girlfriend and to see Kes the Band at Celebrate Brooklyn, a FREE outdoor summer concert series that has been going on for 30+ years in Prospect Park. The concert was AMAZING!!! Everyone was there to have a good time and you could feel the good vibes all around you. For this event, I decided to wear a jumpsuit by Fashion to Figure that had been sitting in my closet for some time. It was perfect because it had a ethnic vibe to it and you know us West Indians LOVE color!!!! I went back and forth about buying it because once I got into my late 20’s (I’m now going on 32) I try to stray for overly trendy pieces. An item really has to speak to my character to make it worth it for me…. well either that or be dirt cheap hahahaha. I wore my hair in a very quick wash and go styled with some ecostyler.



For the opening acts there was a DJ and a band. The DJ  was from Grenada named Dr. Wax and he started us off with some good old school tunes such as . The next act was a band from Curaçao called Kuenta i Tambu. You can read up on them here.

I really liked that the event was well organized, they had a steel band playing in between acts and the food and beer stations were well organized. Food options included great options for vegetarians and those who are looking for healthier options in general.

Now on to the main act… KES THE BAND!!!!! The Trinidadian band’s song Endless Summer was actually the inspiration behind the title of this summer blog series. The band was nonstop and performed for about an hour, you can’t beat that for a free show. It was high energy, the music sounded great, and the vocals were sweet. These guys have energy for DAYS!!!!! I felt like I attended the party and after party haha. Here’s footage from the show that I found on youtube.

photo 1-2


After the show, my girlfriend and I headed to Reggae Retro, a reggae party held on first Saturdays in Park Slope Brooklyn. If you love old school reggae, then you want to be here!!! We got there early but after about 30 min it got PACKED. It was a really nice laid back time. I would definitely go again.


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