Endless Summer: A New Look- My Deva Cut


Texture Shot

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been natural since 2006 when I cut the last of my perm out of my hair one hot summers day. Since then I’ve grown my hair out with the longest being almost bra strap length at the back, below chin length at the front, and armpit length on the sides. I’ve made loads of mistakes along the way and had to have several cuts along the way.

I remember the time I went to the Dominican salon after a year of no heat other than an occasional blow dyer and when she finished blowing my hair out, I didn’t even recognize myself my hair had grown so incredibly long. But it was also incredibly damaged. It was damaged do to infrequent detangling, and sleeping constantly on cotton pillowcases. I had might as well been flat ironing my hair every day!!!

My bff had been researching hair styling specific to curly hair and she suggested that I get a Deva Cut. I had heard about Deva Cuts before some years back. A Deva Cut is a special way of cutting curly hair. You actually cut the hair dry, curl by curl. This is primarily for all curly hair types who usually wear their hair curly. It only makes sense to make sure your curls are shaped the best way possible if your wear your hair that way majority of the time. If you have a good stylist, your hair shouldn’t be ragged or terribly uneven once you straighten it. I allowed my bff to be the guinnue pig and once I saw her cut, and how much she loved it, I went on and booked the appointment online.

The salon is Beauty Naturals Supply/Salon in Gaithursburg. It’s located in a quaint shopping area on Main Street. The stylist is from Kenya and she was very friendly. She looked at my hair, asked me about my routine, and the products that I used, and then I showed her some pictures on how I would like my haircut to look like:

photo 1.PNG photo 2.PNG photo 3 photo 4*these pictures are not mine

I wanted an angled bob but I knew my sides would have to grow into what I really wanted. She cut my hair, washed it using a no poo shampoo, and she used lots and lots and lots of conditioner. I then realized I didn’t use enough and leave enough conditioner in my hair on a regular basis. I can definitely say that since then, I have gotten a much better handle on retaining moisture in my hair. After washing it, and applying light oil and a styling aid, she put me under the dryer on cool for about 20 min. She suggested I come back in about 8 weeks for light trim. The cost was $55, about 10-20 cheaper than other Deva Cut certified salons. I really liked my cut and plan to go back sometime in October for a trim. The only complaint is that I wish that my back was a little longer because my hair shrinks up a lot back there and I’m a little flat headed haha.

photo 1-4 photo 2-4 photo 3-2




In order to achieve a sleeker look, i slick my hair in a ponytail using ecostyler gel.


photo.PNGphoto 2.PNG-2photo 1.PNG-2

I achieved the style below by working with my shrunken morning hair and moisturizing it and then pinning the long pieces so that it would look like a tapered cut.

Photo on 9-1-14 at 11.12 PM #2Photo on 9-1-14 at 11.13 PM #3Photo on 9-1-14 at 11.13 PM #5

photo 1-5 photo 2-5


I got the cut on 8/20 and it’s already grown! Here are my one month progress pics.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2-3 photo 1-3photo 4-2photo 5-2


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