Endless Summer: Exploring Atlanta- Hotel and Attractions

cole haan

My bff and I had planned for a few years to take my godson to Atlanta to see the sights. We originally planned for June but changed it to August so we can also celebrate her birthday and it worked out pretty well!!!
Because of my fear of flying (I avoid it whenever possible), my darling bff rented a car and we loaded up and drove down to Hotlanta.

Hotel and Location Review
Since we were staying for several days, we decided it would be best to find a suite so we can have separate rooms and wouldn’t be on top of each other. Our must-haves included: wifi, kitchen, free breakfast, two bedrooms, free parking, and a pool. After doing some comparisons, we narrowed it down to Sonesta ES Suites in Perimeter, just outside of Atlanta. We really loved our suite. The hotel is undergoing renovations which includes the clubhouse and they are doing it in phases. If you mind construction then this will not be for you. They placed us around the backside of the hotel which was very peaceful as it was lined by tall trees. It felt like a nice retreat. I only heard some construction banging one morning for a brief period. My only complaint is that we were on the third floor and that they didn’t have elevators so lugging our luggage was a pain. As soon as we walked into our little ‘apartment’ as we called it, all of those frustrations went away.

The room was recently renovated, and just about everything was new. When we first walked in we noticed that the carpet was nice and plush, and the decor which featured a color palette of blue, yellow, and grey put you in a cheerful mood. We walked into the kitchenette and the dishwasher was brand new with the plastic still on it! They left us brand new dishwashing liquid, detergent, and sponge. We also had ceramic stovetop cleaner. The cabinets had glasses, wine glasses, mugs, plates, pots, pans, and utensils. We brought all of our plastic and paper plates for nothing! Then we walked into the bedrooms, my bf’s bedroom was the master to our right which featured double doors. The bed was a king and the bedroom had a tv, large window, walk in closet, sink outside of the bathroom, and then the toilet and tub separated. The nightstand even had usb ports for charging! My bedroom was the same as the master except it only had regular entry, and it had a queen size bed and regular closet. The bedrooms were separated by the living room. We walked along the grounds of the hotel and could see that the clubhouse is going to be really nice once complete. I was a little disappointed with the pool. It wasn’t very large and barely went over 5′. This is a great pool if you have younger children but not one for adults if you really want to do some serious swimming. I wanted to still take a dip but it ended up raining when we were ready. Breakfast included juice, yogurt, coffee, and a muffin. They also had pop tarts.

Our hotel was less than 10 minutes from Perimeter Mall, and while not one of the popular malls like Lennox,it was still pretty nice. The area was really nice and had lot of shops like Nordstrom Rack, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and restaurants.

hotel3 hotel2 hotel1 hotel

Atlanta has plenty of attractions that are particularly geared towards families but if you’re young at heart, then you would appreciate them just as much. My bff and I decided to opt for the City Pass which is a great deal if you plan on doing a lot of sight seeing. The City Pass allows you to see 5 attractions at the discounted price of $74 for adults and $59 for children for a reported savings of 46%!!!! You get to go to the following:
-Atlanta Aquarium
-Zoo Atlanta or Atlanta History Center
-Inside CNN Studio Tour
-World of Coca Cola
-Fernbank Museum of Natural History or High Museum of Art
We decided to do the aquarium, CNN tour, Coca Cola, and we tried to do the zoo and High Museum for the Dream Car exhibit but we didn’t have time. I would highly suggest getting the City Pass but if you do, it’s important to plan things out so that you can hit everywhere before you leave. This is especially important if you are traveling with younger kids. My 7 yo godson was with us and as you know, kids get tired. We also went to LEGOLAND because my godson is obsessed with legos and I’ll say that it’s worth visiting. It’s located on the top floor of Phipps Plaza which is right down the street from the more popular Lennox Mall. This is also where I stopped by Intimacy, the upscale lingerie store.



For my girlfriend’s birthday, I suggested that we all go out to eat at a nice restaurant and get dressed up since we didn’t have a sitter for a girl’s night. I wore a bright orange maxi dress in plus size from Marshall’s with earrings from a boutique, flower from H&M, and bracelet from Burlington. My godson was the perfect date!!! He opened all doors and pulled out our chairs for us. Everyone kept coming up to him complimenting him on his manners and his sharp suit. It’s moments like that that I will cherish forever.

20140921-221353.jpg 20140921-221421.jpgdinner

To cap off our last day, we went to see the Braves v. Nationals. I decided to be ignorant and sport the only Orioles shirt I had. Much to my surprise, I got a lot of high fives for wearing it haha. The people in Atl were definitely friendly for the most part. The game started REALLY REALLY late so since we had the little one, we only stayed for the first inning.


atl11turner3 baseballoriolesturner2


I wish I could say that my night was over at that point but it wasn’t. A friend of one of my close friends took me out for some grown up fun. He suggested the Clermont Lounge and after he told me what it was, I replied quickly with a ‘HELL NO!!!’. You see, the Clermont is the longest running strip club in Atlanta and all of the strippers are 40+!!! After running into his friends who practically begged me to go, I decided to stop fighting it. The place is a hole in the wall and it was way hotter inside than it was outside. Can you imagine that the place was PACKED!!! Packed with people mostly in their 20s and 30s paying women who were old enough to be their mothers (and in some cases grandmothers) to TAKE IT ALL OFF. After trying to avoid looking at the stripper who was trying to illuminate something with her fingertip lights, I was led to the dance floor where I was able to let loose and get my two step on. Let me tell you that I ended up having a good time believe it or not, even when a random guy pulled me to the wall and did a back flip to a hand stand so that he could twerk on me upside down. It was the perfect way to end my vacation. Enjoy my outfit collage!!! My fav item was my red Cole Haan sunglasses that I got from Marshall’s for $13!!!









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