My Weekend Recap: Sorority Fish Fry and Lunch with a CEO

Fish Fry


I had the pleasure of spending an evening with the lovely ladies of Delta Sigma Theta’s Baltimore Alumnae Chapter at their annual Fish Fry which was held at The Forum in Baltimore. It was open bar and included a buffet, DJ, and vendors. I always cherish the moments that I get to spend with my best friends (see picture above). We have all known each other since elementary school (I came in the 3rd grade and they have known each other since kindergarten). One of my besties is a Delta herself and is a member of the chapter (as is her mother).


I decided to wear a highlighter yellow colored cami from Forever 21 in plus size (they are dirt cheap) with a cropped navy blue flyaway blazer that has a crochet back and blue stretch skinny jeans, also from Forever 21. My shoes were navy blue bow front flats originally from Marshalls. My handbag was a bag I purchase some years ago from Filene’s Basement. It was love at first sight when I saw the intricate detailing cut throughout the leather. I love to wear art.




I was happy to be able to slick my hair back into a sizable puff using ecostyler. My hair really is growing quickly and it is my hope to exceed my post deva-cut length with proper maintenance (i.e. less heat and covering it at night).


All in all this was a great way to kick off my weekend…. especially after a long week of training at work!!!!


Lunch with a CEO


I told you before about my dear friend Purchased who founded lovekulture in my post Spotlight: lovekulture. I must have spoken her up because she just so happened to be in town for a conference called hosted by Media Rise. The purpose of Media Rise is encourage people to utilize media to strengthen ideas that bring about social change through their feel, inspire, and connect philosophy. One of the highlighted activities from the week long conference was a pitch night where budding entrepreneurs and forward thinkers had to pitch their idea with the winner receiving $1000 to invest in the presented idea. I thought it was a great concept and I plan to attend next year.

We decided to meet up within walking distance of where her conference activities were being held and decided on Busboys and Poets at the 14th street location. I wore my $10 top from Forever 21 plus along with their stretch skinny jeans, cutout boots from Burlington, and beaded headband with my handy dandy cross body bag. I decided to do a flat twist and curl the night before which didn’t come out too badly. See my picture below for my comparison from my February braid and curl to now. I did a flat twist and curl the next day but I combed through my sections and lightly spritzed it with leave in conditioner and this gave me a smoother look. It wasn’t bad overall considering this was heat free unlike February’s picture.


This was my first time there and her first time and this particular location and I was pleased overall. The restaurant is actually much more than just a restaurant. You will find that this is a creative space that encourages forward thinking, community ___  and cultural awareness and was actually so on target for the Media Rise Festival. The place was crowded but it didn’t take too long for the food to come out. I decided to be daring and try something new. I had the Mekhleme which is Iraqi corned beef hash. The dish came with two poached eggs on top, toast, and I also ordered a side of  turkey sausage. There are plenty of options on the menu for my vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free friends.



The décor was fabulous as the restaurant featured multiple seating options, from traditional tables, to couches, to nail studded chairs and sheer curtains that extended from the high ceilings to divide the more casual area from the traditional eating space. There was also artwork and thought provoking messages everywhere you could turn. One thing I also loved were the quotes strewn throughout the menu.






Busboys and Poets wasn’t the only thing in the area that’s worth taking a look at and experiencing. Within walking distance of the U Street metro station, I also encountered the African American Civil War Memorial, Ben’s Chili Bowl (a DC staple), Alero which is where I had my 29th birthday celebration, and & pizza which has some of the best pizza in town!!!



I’ll leave you with this last picture which is now one of my all time favs!! You have to love street art!!!






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