Natural Hair: Confessions of a Former Heat Addict

Since my Devacut I have vowed to use less heat on my hair. Although I specifically mean flat ironing, I’m also trying to kick the habit of stretching my hair using a blow dryer. At one point I became obsessed with having my hair fall at at least a certain length and I compromised the health of my hair. This time around I’m striving to embrace the shrinkage and just worry about my hair being healthy and looking polished. I lightly sprayed my hair last night with leave in conditioner spray and used a little curl serum and slept on it overnight. This method left me with more definition, especially my ends as the serum worked well with the rollers I used for my flat twist-braid-and curl (sounds complex right). I think my hair still looks great at the end of the work day. Just pray that I don’t spoil it by passing out without setting it tonight lol.





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