Yesterday’s OOTD +Movie & Movie Theater Review



So I’ve been a little busy with a new venture that I’ve been working with…. Details to come soon!!!!! Yesterday I wore this outfit and paired an old top and bottom that I’ve never worn together and it worked out well! I’ve been on a mission to maximize my wardrobe options which saves me money in the long run. I love my necklace that I got on clearance from Target. A true statement piece. I wore my 2nd day hair pinned back at the sides to make it look more tapered than it really is.

HAIR statement

My girlfriend told me about a $3 movie deal at the new Regal Laurel Towne Centre 12. We decided to take advantage and went to see The Equalizer starring Denzel. I have to say that I loved him in this movie although I didn’t think it would by as gory as it was. I almost thought I was in a Quentin Tarantino movie (oh and speaking of Quentin, I finally saw Django and I loved it!!).

The movie theater was really nice and the space between the aisles and the reclining  seats with tv trays really set it apart. When you purchase your tickets online, you can also reserve your seat as well. They have the aisles lit so they glow in the dark but I wish it were the same or the seat numbers. Thankfully we were close to the end of the grow and the people who were sitting in our seats politely moved.   Be warned- do not sit in those comfy chairs when tired!!! Especially if you snore like me (see my previous sleep apnea post)!!  We scored free tickets for another movie because it was slightly cold in the theater and management offered it to everyone who complained.

movie movie2 movie3 movie4

Hmmmm….. I wonder what I should go see next????


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