My Valentines Weekend Part I

So Valentines day weekend came and went. I had lots of plans but the snow decided to change some of them but it was ok because I still had a great time. Saturday we cooked lamb seasoned with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and cayenne pepper along with baked Mac n cheese, mushrooms, and crab legs. We were going to go out after dinner but we watched movies instead because of the surprise snowfall. ‘Twas a great night…. Oh and I got my hair n nails did. I used a groupon for a $19 mani/pedi and went to the Style Lab for a blowout. The stylist Marques is very talented, he used to work with my old stylist that left me (he moved to Japan). Gets my natural hair just as straight as the Dominicans with half the heat! I had to get some length cut off in places because he said my hair was very uneven. I got two diva cuts. One in August, and another in October. I always worried about how it would look straight. I still like how the salon specializes in curly hair. The conditioning treatments are insane! I think I’ll go back to the other salon for basic shaping (cutting damaged ends) but not cutting into a style. Marques gave me a sharp cut!!! My hair had way more movement after. Check out his IG Only1marq









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