Best Finds: Macy’s Edition

Disclaimer* Not all Macy’s are created equal. I went to White a Marsh Mall near me which is like Walmart (exaggeration) compared to some other Macy’s like the Pentagon City Fashion Center (my fav).                                                                I really liked the Blu in this top. It really popped.  

 I thought these were cute for fall.  

 I was in complete LUST with this dress!!! They had it in diff patterns but this was my fav variation. The others were more summerish and you can get more wear out of it. Looks like it only goes to a size 14 which was too small for me (it’s really slim fitting). So since I couldn’t have it, someone else I knew had to have it!!! I bought it for my mom!!! It was on sale for 50% off and I used a coupon.  She wants me to find shoes and accessories to go with it now lol. 

   Then there’s this super cute Jessica Simpson dress. The 2x was too big on me and it’s def made for someone with a smaller chest. I love te price! Great for the few summer events that we have left before fall fashion takes over!!!  
   I can’t leave the fellas out! I thought this was perfect for the upcoming Raven’s football season!!!!  
   And last but certainly not least, in the spirit of back to school- I’ll leave you with my boo Michael Kors. Love the jewel tones!!! I just wonder how hard it is to keep clean…..  
   Until next time! 


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