My Superhero Moment

I saw this in the parking lot if Ikea and it pissed me the hell off  

 I went into the next row to find a space as I thought about the jerkoff that parked like that and thought, u know what- they’re gonna learn today!!!!  

 I made sure that the driver would have a hard time getting in their car while ensuring that my neighbor wouldn’t have any issues getting out if theirs.                                                     When I got back to my car, the SUV was still there and I thought that my  lesson would go unlearned but then the woman who owned the car came up. She immediately realized she muffed up and had no way to get in her car from the driver’s side. I took my time buckling my belt, looking in the mirror, fixing my hair…. I could hear her say ‘I’m so sorry (uh huh), I start backing up and she says ‘it’s my fault’ to which it mutter ‘yup’. I know it was small, and perhaps anal of me but too many people are selfish and don’t think of how their actions effect others. We need to think about each other more.                                             Anyway, after today you may call me my superhero name: THE PARKING SPACE AVENGER!!!!!!!! #pow #boom #bam #wonk 😜


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