Happy New Year!

Hi luvs! Sorry I’ve been away but I have two jobs that keep me VERY busy! Here’s some NYE slayage to hopefully last you until next time. I also included a video of my hair that my hair stylist took showing off his silk press techniques. Enjoy! 


Mama Rosa Rotisserie & Grille Review

Don’t feel like cooking but want something good?- Don’t worry Mama Rosa located in Middle River, MD certainly comes to the rescue!!

Mama Rosa’s offers authentic Filipino food and they have an active Groupon for  $8 for $15 worth of food. This is one of the few places that I would say I would pay to eat at regular price. While this isn’t a fancy place to dine- it has a nice casual, clean atmosphere and also features a lot of different Filipino treats like baked goods, candies, and drinks for sale.


Being me, I went with something I recognized- pork BBQ on a skewer served with garlic rice. The dish did not disappoint!!!




My boyfriend ordered Lyempo with garlic rice- sliced pork belly marinated and grilled with Filipino taste as described on the menu. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I next time I go, that’s what I’m ordering!!!


Anyone have any Filipino dishes they recommend?


CRFW 5th Year Anniversary



When I first started blogging I mentioned my involvement with Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. A weekend which targets curvy women and brings the hottest designers to the DMV. During my tenure with CRFW I served as VIP Swag Bag Coordinator, and Executive Assistant to one of the two founders.

I learned a lot during my time, I learned the power and skill of negotiation, about working under pressure (I used to work in payroll but this was pressure of a different kind), and to MOVE QUICKLY!!! The fashion show which was always a sell out was so rewarding when we would see the packed seats. All the cold calling and follow-ups paid off!!!

Although it’s been about 2 years since my departure, the founders of CRFW invited me to be apart of their promo video celebrating their 5 year anniversary and I was honored and thrilled! It tickled me that the videographer caught me fixing my hair- I had no clue he was filming.

The video is out and I couldn’t be more pleased! I think I may need to start taking speaking engagements haha. For tickets to this year’s events, please visit CRFW.

p.s.- I’m at the 4:47 mark of the video. I wore a dress in XL by Thalia Sodi from Macys that was on sale for $25 and shoes from DSW. I wore accessories that I already had that matched perfectly. For my hair I actually wore a half wig.



Fitting Room Chronicals: F2F

I went shopping for a white dress for a boat ride memorial weekend. To recap, here’s what I wore the past two years:   

   Both dresses were from Fashion to Figure so I went back (not intentionally) this year. Here are the dresses I tried on:  
   Which do you think I ended up choosing? 

Review: Mussel Bar and Grille Harbor East

 I decided to try out Mussel Bar and Grille Harbor East  back in September after I saw the Living Social deal which is still available now. It includes two full mussel pots, two orders of frites (fries), and two glasses of beer or wine.

 They also have locations in Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD. There were other deals featuring mussels but I chose this one because the kitchen was open the latest on the weekend, till 12:00a.m. Wed-Sat.  Also if you’re not familiar with Harbor East, it’s a nice hip part of Baltimore within walking distance of Baltimore’s famed Inner Harbor and million dollar waterfront condos. For those of you who may be spooked due the recent riots and The Wire- fret not, it’s one of the safer parts of the city.

We ended up getting there at 11:40 and I was slightly confused because the restaurant is housed in what used to be Townhouse Kitchen.

I had several outfits pre-planned (to try to cut down on getting ready) a while back and the booskie picked this one. Since it was cool at night, I also grabbed my jacket. My hair was styled in medium sized twists.

 The restaraunt, which opened two winters ago, was virtually empty but the bartender assured me that it was only because it was a holiday weekend (Labor Day). Because we’re greedy we decided to order crab dip, we thought that the mussels wouldn’t fill us up (we thought wrong).  The dip was ok, not bad but not the best.

  My boyfriend decided to order the Mediterranean mussels which features sausage, goat cheese, harissa aioli, and smoky tomato broth.

   I ordered the White Wine mussels cooked with roasted garlic, parsley, cream, and lemon.

 Both were quite delicious. The frites were ok because they were not very warm and could have been cooked longer. The dipping sauces were nice- taking your regular fries up a notch.

  I think that the waiter forgot to bring it out to us when it was ready but it was ok because we were already full sopping up the juices from the mussel pots with bread.

I’d consider going there again in the future, but there are many other places I want to try before returning.

33rd Birthday at Cazbar

The National holiday close to my heart otherwise known as my birthday was on December 16th. My BFFs and I celebrated the weekend before and I was treated to dinner at the Turkish restaurant Cazbar located in downtown Baltimore. The reason my my BFF chose the restaurant is because she knew they specialized in lamb, my favorite.

I just had my hair blow dried and  trimmed so I decided to wear it in a twist out.

 I didn’t know where I was going but I had an Eloquii dresses (I already sold it) that I got from eBay hanging in my closet for months. I paired it with my red coach clutch for a pop of color complemented with black and silver acccesories.

 The restaurant was nice and I decided to have Lamb 3 ways, lamb kabob, lambchop, and Adana kabob. It was soooo good!!!

 One of my bff’s had the same dish and the other had chicken and salmon.

They also had belly dancers who were quite entertaining. My only complaint is that the stairs are very steep so if you have knee problems, are clumsy, or just don’t like to climb mountains, request to be seated on the first floor.


There were belly dancers there for entertainment and one dancer had swords as props.

 My only complaint is that the stairs are very steep so if you have bad knees, are clumsy, or just don’t like mountain climbing request to be seated on the first floor.

If you’re interested in trying the restaurant out and will be in the Baltimore area by October 1st then check out their groupon that’s available for a limited time!!!

I’m baaackkkkk

Hello loves, I pray all has been well with you!!! The last time I left you I was about to head out for my birthday celebration back in December!! I ended up having to have surgery to remove fibroid tumors. I’ll blog about that later. The recovery process wasn’t easy but than God I made it through!!! I had to take about a month off from work and when I got back- I’ve been running ever since!!! Can you say BUSY!!!! One of my coworkers left so I basically had to do the job of two people for several months. It was a bit stressfull at times but I approached it with a positive attitude. 

  By the grace of God I got a promotion after being with my current agency for a little less than a year!!! It’s been a long time coming and it feels so good to be apart of a group where you are not only challenged but appreciated! Life lesson: if you’re in a space where you’re not appreciated and you know you contribute valuably to an organization- don’t stay and wait for them to realize you’re worth. Life’s not fair and it happens!! Change your situation or else you’ll stay stagnant!!!!                      Ok loves, I’ll leave you with a few pictures to nibble on…..