Mama Rosa Rotisserie & Grille Review

Don’t feel like cooking but want something good?- Don’t worry Mama Rosa located in Middle River, MD certainly comes to the rescue!!

Mama Rosa’s offers authentic Filipino food and they have an active Groupon for  $8 for $15 worth of food. This is one of the few places that I would say I would pay to eat at regular price. While this isn’t a fancy place to dine- it has a nice casual, clean atmosphere and also features a lot of different Filipino treats like baked goods, candies, and drinks for sale.


Being me, I went with something I recognized- pork BBQ on a skewer served with garlic rice. The dish did not disappoint!!!




My boyfriend ordered Lyempo with garlic rice- sliced pork belly marinated and grilled with Filipino taste as described on the menu. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I next time I go, that’s what I’m ordering!!!


Anyone have any Filipino dishes they recommend?



Wingin’ It

I almost burned the house down when the pot with the yams overflowed catching on my electric stovetop but it couldn’t stop this meal from being a big hit!!! I will admit though, the greens are from a can. I’m working on mastering those next. The wings were seasoned with seasoned salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, ground thyme, and poultry seasoning. Baked it in the oven on 350 for about 50 min.  


My Second Religion 

My cousin came to visit from Jamaica for a few days before heading to Florida to do research for several months. I love my family so much, especially because we have a unique sense of humor with dramatic flair. I promised to cook my speciality, lamb chops for him and time went by so fast that I fixed it for breakfast on his last day before I went to work. I couldn’t let him down. When he took his first bite, I asked him for his critique. He said it was like Jesus in his mouth LOL!!! Check out the rest of his comments below:  



Yes you heard me!!! I laid it down really hard!!! ‘IT’ being a pork chop… in a pan of hot grease, HARD. I have a tendency to be heavy handed and note to self: use tongs.  While the pork chops came out really well, my face did not. I have small burns/welts in diff parts of my face including my nose, cheek, and below my lip. The only highlight of the event is when my boo kisses my boo boo this morning lol. That was really sweet. I bought some coco butter and hopefully it will clear up by Monday because I have to present a portion of orientation at my agency.  

   At least my curls were on fleek lol #thecasualtiesofwar #foodwars…..literally 

Inner Harbor Brunches and Things

The big rage right now are brunches featuring bottomless drinks. Growing up, brunch just meant eating after church let out lol. Well the #brunchkingz and @Kitchencrayemire put on brunch/day party events in the DMV  

 This past Sunday I attended my second brunch with this group and I had just a good a time as I did the first time. My only complaint is that they need more seating. Most of the tables are reservations only (they don’t state that in their flyers) so get there early to grab a spot at the bar!  

 The good is buffet style and it’s really good. We realized the last time that you can request a whole pitcher of mimosa so you don’t have to go back every time (don’t a big deal if you sit at the bar).  

 I wore a top, necklace and earrings from target, maxi skirt (that’s actually long enough) from Marshall’s, and Miu Miu bag (that I’m about to sell on eBay). 

 The party starts at 4 but the bottomless drinks stop at 3 so if you want to keep that feeling going, you’ll have to spend more $$$.                     The nice thing about Anastasia’s location is that it’s by the water. Parking can be a pain and ladies- you can hurt yourself on the cobble stone so leave the stilettos at home! I left the party around 6 and enjoyed the views of the water, went into a cute hat shop and stopped at a bar (don’t judge me) and had some yummy peach flavored beer.                                                                 Next weekend I’ll be brunchin’ it in DC!!!! See ya!!!!


Baltimore Restauraunt Week Ends Today!

You can get $15 for lunch and $30 for dinner. Most restaurants don’t do dinner on the weekends though, Rusty Scupper (a seafood place with an AMAZING view of the harbor) only participated on week days. There were many restaurants to choose from but I think that the variety has gone down. I have not seen Fogo de Chao on the list for several years. It’s very convenient that you can make reservations on open table but I think it’s silly not to have the restaurant week menu offerings posted there. Some places I checked out didn’t even have the restauraunt week menu on their website!!!                                                         Typically for lunch you’ll get an appetizer, entree, and dessert like we had at The Oceanaire back in February  

 My girlfriend and I decided to go to La Tasca, a spanish tapas restauraunt. Their special lunch offering was two tapas and a dessert for $15 and 3 and a dessert for $30. The restauraunt was right on the inner harbor with views of the water.  

 Yes I ate it all, don’t judge me! The steak w/ potato and mushroom purée (and that white sauce- mmmmmm) was my favorite fillowed by the shrimp and scallops wrapped in bacon, but the paella wasn’t bad at all! I also had white peach sangria with a booster shot. It served it’s purpose haha. For dessert I had the Crema Catalana but I forgot to take a picture. It was ok but I realized I’m not a fan of custard. The carmelized top layer with the raspberries tasted really good though. The clock is a belated birthday gift and it actually works lol. Until next time!!!!


My Valentines Weekend Part I

So Valentines day weekend came and went. I had lots of plans but the snow decided to change some of them but it was ok because I still had a great time. Saturday we cooked lamb seasoned with rosemary, thyme, garlic, and cayenne pepper along with baked Mac n cheese, mushrooms, and crab legs. We were going to go out after dinner but we watched movies instead because of the surprise snowfall. ‘Twas a great night…. Oh and I got my hair n nails did. I used a groupon for a $19 mani/pedi and went to the Style Lab for a blowout. The stylist Marques is very talented, he used to work with my old stylist that left me (he moved to Japan). Gets my natural hair just as straight as the Dominicans with half the heat! I had to get some length cut off in places because he said my hair was very uneven. I got two diva cuts. One in August, and another in October. I always worried about how it would look straight. I still like how the salon specializes in curly hair. The conditioning treatments are insane! I think I’ll go back to the other salon for basic shaping (cutting damaged ends) but not cutting into a style. Marques gave me a sharp cut!!! My hair had way more movement after. Check out his IG Only1marq