CRFW 5th Year Anniversary



When I first started blogging I mentioned my involvement with Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. A weekend which targets curvy women and brings the hottest designers to the DMV. During my tenure with CRFW I served as VIP Swag Bag Coordinator, and Executive Assistant to one of the two founders.

I learned a lot during my time, I learned the power and skill of negotiation, about working under pressure (I used to work in payroll but this was pressure of a different kind), and to MOVE QUICKLY!!! The fashion show which was always a sell out was so rewarding when we would see the packed seats. All the cold calling and follow-ups paid off!!!

Although it’s been about 2 years since my departure, the founders of CRFW invited me to be apart of their promo video celebrating their 5 year anniversary and I was honored and thrilled! It tickled me that the videographer caught me fixing my hair- I had no clue he was filming.

The video is out and I couldn’t be more pleased! I think I may need to start taking speaking engagements haha. For tickets to this year’s events, please visit CRFW.

p.s.- I’m at the 4:47 mark of the video. I wore a dress in XL by Thalia Sodi from Macys that was on sale for $25 and shoes from DSW. I wore accessories that I already had that matched perfectly. For my hair I actually wore a half wig.




I Spy: Plus Size Style

No Moo Moos here baby!!! NO EXCUSES!!!!!  Here’s what I found at Towson Town Center.                                          Nordstrom Rack 


Birthdays, Hotels, and Brunches Oh My!!! Part III

Here’s the last post from my bff’s b-day weekend in DC. Part II ended when my bff and I were almost ready to check out of The Embassy Row Hotel.                                                                      I decided to wear a red dress from Fashion to Figure, with red and grey studs, necklace from JCPenney, sandals from K&G, and a clutch from Coach. I moisturized my hair overnight and twisted it in order to rock a twist out that day. My makeup was topped off with my Laura Mercier lipstick that came in my goody-bag from the Project Runway event I attended a while back.  

 Once the bill was fixed, checkout went smoothly and we didn’t have a long wait to get our car from valet. There were several things that I wanted to do that day so I was very eager to get on our way.

This would be our first time experiencing the #kitchencray brunch in DC and I had high expectations. The event was held at Cities Restaurant and Lounge in mid-town. One of the things that made the brunch different is that you had to make reservations. I liked this idea because it ensured that you had adequate seating whereas in Baltimore- you had to get in where you fit in unless you knew the right person to make reservations with (still don’t know where to get that info….). The Cities brunch was also more expensive but you also got unlimited bellinis in addition to mimosas. We lucked out with free parking and had time to spare so we decided to go to Nordstrom Rack around the corner. We made our reservations early and were one of the first folks to get there. We were seated at the bar which had a huge top separating you from the bartender. While it looked nice, you definitely had to stretch in order to reach your drinks.  


 The menu was pretty much the same as Baltimore’s and while it was good, I realized that I was growing tired of the menu.   

 Nevertheless I shamelessly stuffed my face and didn’t have room for an omlette although I wanted one so bad. Had I overindulged, I would have had to have been wheeled out- besides there isn’t enough spanx and sucking in that would save me from the inevitable result and I wasn’t willing to ‘let it all hang out’. The consequence of arriving so early was that we had no patience to wait for the day party to start at 4:00. Besides, we had adventures to go on!!! 

 One of the really cool things about The Embassy Row Hotel is that they share really exciting things going on around the city. Cool thing #1 was ‘The Beach’ exhibit at the National Building Museum. This cool exhibit is made out of balls and even has beach chairs for you to lounge in. I found groupon tickets for general admission and called to find out we only had to pay an additional $8.00/ticket in person for The Beach. We left our car by Cities Restaurant and hopped on the metro.  

 As soon as we entered the exhibit I saw a big fat sign that said THE BEACH IS SOLD OUT!!!!! Can you say!!!! I was really looking forward to it and didn’t realize that it was limited access. The exhibit ends on Labor Day so hurry up if you want to check it out!!!   

We turned right around and got back on the metro (after we just wasted money to get off) and headed to Cool thing #2. DC based artists created one of the coolest visual teasers I’ve ever seen on IG called The Synth Series. The series could be found in a vacant building and you had to DM the artists for directions. After getting lost for almost 30 min (blame my GPS), we found the place only to find others standing outside talking- I overhear a guy getting ready to leave say that the exhibit was just taken down the day before!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! At that point, I was pissed, sweaty, hungry (yes- again shamefully), and tired. I wasso disappointed to have missed this but I guess that’s the added part of the excitement of exhibits like this. This is RAW ART!!!!! If you live in the area- def keep an eye on these artists because I’m sure they will create another masterpiece soon.

My final thoughts from the day is that the brunch was decent but in retrospect, we should have made a reservation later in the day. With The Beach- I def would have done more research on if it was something that could sell out. The Synth fiasco also could have been avoided had I checked the latest hashtags on IG. You live and you learn and I still regret not being able to take all the amazing pictures that I know I would have gotten that day!!!! Check out some of the ones I came across on IG.  Just search #synthseries for more!



Found this on clearance at  Off Fifth at Arundel Mills Mall in MD, they also had it in 22W and 18W. While many are on their fall or transitional piece game, I like to take advantage of summer clearance for the times I go to Jamaica or Florida since my parents have a house down there. Also, if you really wanted to- you still have time to wear it now b4 the season changes. Happy shopping!!!


This is the Remix: Tropical Coverup

Summer is winding down and I wanted to wear my coverup that I wore on my DC trip again. This time I paired it with a black cami and highlighter yellow shorts from Torrid, flip flops from Old Navy, and my Cole Haan handbag that I got from eBay for less than $50. Oh and I can’t forget my fav summer accessory…. My pinnacle necklace!!! I’m currently rocking a twist out, a Does anyone wang to wash it for me??? Lol Anyone!?? HELLO!!!!!!! 


Best Finds: Macy’s Edition

Disclaimer* Not all Macy’s are created equal. I went to White a Marsh Mall near me which is like Walmart (exaggeration) compared to some other Macy’s like the Pentagon City Fashion Center (my fav).                                                                I really liked the Blu in this top. It really popped.  

 I thought these were cute for fall.  

 I was in complete LUST with this dress!!! They had it in diff patterns but this was my fav variation. The others were more summerish and you can get more wear out of it. Looks like it only goes to a size 14 which was too small for me (it’s really slim fitting). So since I couldn’t have it, someone else I knew had to have it!!! I bought it for my mom!!! It was on sale for 50% off and I used a coupon.  She wants me to find shoes and accessories to go with it now lol. 

   Then there’s this super cute Jessica Simpson dress. The 2x was too big on me and it’s def made for someone with a smaller chest. I love te price! Great for the few summer events that we have left before fall fashion takes over!!!  
   I can’t leave the fellas out! I thought this was perfect for the upcoming Raven’s football season!!!!  
   And last but certainly not least, in the spirit of back to school- I’ll leave you with my boo Michael Kors. Love the jewel tones!!! I just wonder how hard it is to keep clean…..  
   Until next time!